Excerpt from Desert Guardian:

Without warning, the front of his raft dipped sideways into a trough, nearly tossing him out of the boat. His upriver oar swung through thin air, angled out of the water. He leveled out for a moment, bracing himself. Then the raft buckled inward as it crashed into a wave ten feet above his head. His hands slipped from the oars and found brief purchase on the center frame. The river pounded him like a waterfall. He lost all sense of direction as the raft spun high on the cresting water, spray blasting his skin like shotgun pellets.
The raft slid sideways across the downriver slope of the high wave. He was weightless for a moment as it fell toward another trough and then, at the bottom, the raft buckled again, tossing him clear of the boat like a piece of cork. He had time for only half a breath before the cold water sucked him under…

Excerpt from Raptor Canyon: 

[Relic] shifted the weight of his pack and looked up. Four-by-four posts, reinforced with crisscrossed two-by-fours, rose upward toward the top of the cliff. Slatted stairs were nailed to the under-frame and railings guarded their way to the top. The steps switched back twice before the stiff frame ended above the sheer rock face.
Those stairs belong at some public park, he mused, some Sunday afternoon boardwalk, with hotdog stands, ice cream, kids clutching helium balloons on strings. Deep in the maze of neck-craning cliffs and naked hoodoos, out among the coyotes, cougars, and rattlers, well, Relic thought, they were like tits on a catfish. Way the hell out of place…