The Antidote


"Impressive...never a dull moment...a gripping novel" - Readers' Favorite

Can a botany student, a couple of old-timers, and genetically modified seeds provide the antidote for climate change?

Chased by ruthless thieves, an unlikely trio must deliver the future of the planet to an unknown scientist a thousand miles away… One of the trio has an illegal payload. One of them is hiding from Immigration Services.

And the cross-hairs on those million-dollar seeds are on them, too…


The Antidote "is an impressive achievement – timely, and rich with research, intrigue, and a main character you will be rooting for from the beginning all the way to the exhilarating climax. Highly recommended!” - Best-selling author Landon Beach.

"Baldwin is one of the preeminent authors in the adventure-thriller genre and he showcases that talent in spades with his latest novel, The Antidote. A unique premise, richly drawn characters, and constantly increasing risk makes this science-gone-wrong, Crichton-esque thriller a slam dunk. Readers will delight in the protagonists deftly navigating a tangle of intrigue and mortal threats, surviving assassins and gunfights to ensure a brilliant discovery—one that could impact the future of the planet—isn’t lost to corrupt special interests and greed." - Award-winning author Nate Granzow.